About Me

I'm a down to earth family man and animal lover.

I've got years of experience covering weddings all over the East of England and into the East Midlands, based in South Lincolnshire, just over the Norfolk border.

I have worked in grand formal venues and smaller intimate venues, they all work.  All have pros, all have cons.

My background is a mix of Military, first serving in The Grenadier Guards from leaving school then as a Police Officer for 15 years before becoming a wedding photographer since 2012.

I am first and foremost a creative person with an artistic mind and problem solving approach to everything.

I'm not a fan of "biggin' myself up, I'd rather you look and make your mind up.

I'm not claiming any tenous awards, I love what I do and I want you to love it too. 

I'm not a fan of cheese, humour YES!  You don't need or want me to tell jokes...I hope.  I never seem to have any drama in lettting the mood of the day shine through.

I like to talk.  It makes things go smoother.

Thanks, Neil